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Ophtalmic Optical Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings provide better vision, reduce glare and dramatically improve the cosmetic appearance of spectacle lenses. Applied Multilayers offers a range of coating systems to suit the needs of the small laboratory offering fast service through to the lens manufacturer coating high volumes of stock lenses.

The CFM process produces excellent broadband multilayer AR coatings with a choice of reflex colors. The process produces dense, spectrally stable, coatings which are durable on both glass or hard-coated plastic lenses. We also offer designs for a range of fashion mirror coatings for sunwear. A high-durability super-hydrophobic process is included for easy clean surfaces.

Opthalmic Section

Applied Multilayers offers a broad range of standard coating systems with capacities ranging from 30 lenses per batch to 180 lenses per batch. This meets the requirements of the mid-sized Lab through high volume needs of any lens manufacturer.

Advantages of the CFM process

  • A vertical drum is used for lens holding offering maximum loading capacity.
  • The process is controlled using time removing the need for expensive quartz crystals.
  • Magnetron targets are replaced after several weeks of operation reducing daily maintenance.
  • Low temperature process allows glass and plastic lenses to be coated in the same run.
  • In-situ hydrophobic coating process
  • Fully computer controlled process