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Closed Field Magnetron (CFM) Pulsed Reactive Sputtering Coaters

Applied Multilayers LLC offers next-generation optical coating sputtering systems for high-quality optical and metal coatings. Our patented Closed Field Magnetron (CFM) sputtering technology is simple, scalable, and significantly less expensive. CFM allows multilayered film coatings onto sensitive polymer substrates or plastics which other deposition technologies would consider prohibitive due to the elevated plasma temperatures.

You will discover numerous applications such as durable IR coatings, durable visible AR coatings, high laser damage coatings, and ophthalmic, electro-chromic, and solar absorbers. CFM also readily deposits thin film oxides, nitrides, carbides, or pure metals with near bulk film densification with no film stress.

Appiled Multilayers LLC is an SDVOSB