Company Profile

Applied Multilayers LLC offers the ultimate sputtering systems for precision optical coating applications as well as metal deposition. Our patented Closed Field Magnetron (CFM) pulsed reactive sputtering coaters provides optimal deposition conditions for super-smooth, non-absorbing and low stress thin film growth. The CFM coating process is low temperature and may be used in temperature sensitive polymer or other vulnerable substrates. This patented technology combines exceptional optical quality with high deposition rates as multiple sources may be added.

AML offers five standard sizes of coating platforms from the small-but-fast load-locked CFM Plasma Express system through to our largest system the CFM 1050. This is the absolute largest batch coater available on the market. Our CFM technology may also be extended to in-line or roll-to-roll systems which are also available on a custom basis.

Cylindrical drum for coating of flexible sheet
CFM450 drum loaded with ophthalmic lenses
Segmented drum for coating of flat and curved parts